Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cold Lampin' With Flavor

Um lampin, um lampin, um cole cole lampin
I got loowies boy, um not trampin
I just came from Da-crib ya know
Um on da go-throw ya tank into metro
Live lyrics from the bank of reality
I kick da flyest dope maneuver technicality
To a dope track, you wanna hike git out ya backpack
Um in my Flav-mobile cole lampin
I took dis g upstate cole lampin
Ta da poke-a-nose, we call da hide-a-ways
A pack of franks and a big bag of Frito Lays


JustinMartinez said...

Hamm-boning buddies

Casey Brewer said...

Ham Boners!!!!!

Where's our little Sensei buddy? Ping Ping Wang Chung?

JustinMartinez said...

thanks for getting the bill Jake, real cool of ya.