Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thanks a million, Franks a Million!

A couple of Chicago dogs from Minneapolis skyway joint Franks a Million. Although I didn't enjoy these with a buddy they were some satisfying dogs nonetheless. Tip: while I like all the fixin's just as much as the next buddy, I also like a dog that is manageable and can be handled and consumed entirely without the aid of a utensil such as a fork. If you share that philosophy, I suggest you ask them to go light on the fixin's.


Casey Brewer said...

Can't even see the dog under all that fixin'.

I'm a big fixin's kind of guy though, so it's cool with me.

JustinMartinez said...

shit, those are some big dogs. I don't know if i can manage all those fixings though, thats a lot of tomatoes. Chicago Dog=Classic

Jake Lancaster said...

The various elements didn't really come together to make a unified and cohesive dog. It was like a fixin's salad on top of a dog with a bun just hanging out on the corner looking for a buddy to hang with.