Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Good Buddy Austin's Memorial Day

Right here we got your basic cheddar dog, split open and seared. Just the way god intended.

Good bearded buddy Austin was the host with the most this Memorial Day!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bob's Drive-Inn, Lemars, Iowa, USA

I grew up eating these dogs. I've had thousands (my dad's construction company built an addition to the place and instead of getting paid in cash, we just ate dogs and malts until they were even which was about two and a half years later). For my money, they're the best dogs in America. Fresh buns from the local bakery, Wimmer's natural casing weiners, pickles slices, meat sauce, onions, ketchup, and mustard, AKA, "The With and Pickle." If you're ever passing by, tell 'em Jake sent 'ya.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Eli's Lunch Buddies

School chums dominating the entire dog menu at Eli's. Hate to break it to you Eli's, but dogs are not your strong suit. Stale buns and overcooked dogs do not a memorable dining experience make. But good buddies talking about the glory days does! Here's to the blonde with the big tits that I stared at the entire time we were there!

Stone Sighting

If you don't know about local downtown MPLS bar gadfly Jake Stone, let me offer a primer. He's the "Fun Director" at Sneaky Pete's (The Ultimate Fun Bar® in case you didn't know), a Locks of Love donor, a Lifetime Fitness worker outer, a straw cowboy hat wearer, and an occasional beads-in-hair-kind-of-guy. Among many, many other things (like muscle shirts). He's the Ultimate Party Dude, hands down. Buddy Casey Brewer theorizes that they keep him in a cage until happy hour and then put him back in at bar close.

Well, we saw him last night. And it went something like this.

CASEY: Fuck me, it's Jake Stone!
JAKE: The Fun Director?
CASEY: Yes, we need a picture. Quick.
JAKE: Ok. Get in there.
(Casey moves in for a Kodak moment.)
JAKE STONE: Boys, can't you see that I'm eating?
JAKE: Sorry Mr. Stone, we'd just like a picture if you could spare a minute.
CASEY: Very sorry, Mr. Stone, just a couple of fans looking for a keepsake.
JAKE STONE: One second.
(Jake and Casey stand around like idiots.)
JAKE STONE: Alright, boys. Let's do this.

Jake Stone. Local celebrity buddy.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Dancing Buddies

When I first saw Thrashin', I wanted to be a skater (a dagger, not a ramp local, just to be clear.) When I saw Karate Kid I wanted to sign up for Tae Kwondo classes at my local neighborhood dojo. Rad turned me into a pretty rude BMX'er. White Nights, thank god, did not turn me on to ballet or tap dancing. That would have been gay. Come to think of it, I'm not sure why I saw this when I was like 7 years old. But I remember watching it. It's about Russia and dancing. A more detailed plot synopsis would be well beyond futile so let's just say Greg Hines and Mikhail Baryshnikov become fast friends in the former Soviet Union. Dancing, cold war buddies, the best kind!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Late Night Remedy

Dogs: Oscar Meyer
Buns: Sara Lee
Ketchup: Heinz
Pickles: Vlassic
Cheese: Kraft
Do you know what all those elements add up to?
A dog'gone good time.
(There are only 3 pickles because during my long trip to grab my camera one of my buddies snatched a pickle right off my plate. At least it was a buddy and not a stranger.)


I''l be meeting up with some buddies in Memphis later this month so I thought I'd research some hot dog joints in and around the greater Memphis area so we can all eat dogs and be buddies while in Memphis. That's the whole point of the trip, really. In doing so, I discovered this piece of hard hitting journalism that reminds us how "Memphians don't live by hog alone, they also live by dog." Memphis, you're my kind of town. By the way, I'm far more excited to get a dog at Obleo's than I am to go to Graceland, Sun Records, Blues Museum, or any other tourist trap they have down there. I hope it's still there!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

CL blasts Hot-Dogs like no other force known to man.

All of my buddies from work enjoyed hot dogs today for lunch. It was a great team building experience, and I think we're all much tighter for it. I feel a lot more confident about concepting on our next big project knowing that I have these buddies on my side.

The diversity in the dog creations was award winning to say the least. Wes came in strong with his "Chili Frito" dog. Steve melted minds with his colorful "Psychedelic Pepper Party" dog. Gil threw down the gauntlet with what I like to call "The Trusty Steed", and Heath got all tribal with the "Bison Bombshells". Just a lot of talent sitting at one table with their signature dogs....quality buddy time.

Big ups to whoever rolled strong with the Lil' Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pies for dessert. A perfect complement to a wonderful day of dog eating and buddy bonding.

Where is my buddy?

Last night I sat and sat and sat waiting for a buddy. Then I found out my buddy was at the Bulldog in uptown, and I was at the Bulldog in NE. Oh no buddy!! Well after this big scare two buddies finally met up and were buddies.