Friday, May 9, 2008

Stone Sighting

If you don't know about local downtown MPLS bar gadfly Jake Stone, let me offer a primer. He's the "Fun Director" at Sneaky Pete's (The Ultimate Fun Bar® in case you didn't know), a Locks of Love donor, a Lifetime Fitness worker outer, a straw cowboy hat wearer, and an occasional beads-in-hair-kind-of-guy. Among many, many other things (like muscle shirts). He's the Ultimate Party Dude, hands down. Buddy Casey Brewer theorizes that they keep him in a cage until happy hour and then put him back in at bar close.

Well, we saw him last night. And it went something like this.

CASEY: Fuck me, it's Jake Stone!
JAKE: The Fun Director?
CASEY: Yes, we need a picture. Quick.
JAKE: Ok. Get in there.
(Casey moves in for a Kodak moment.)
JAKE STONE: Boys, can't you see that I'm eating?
JAKE: Sorry Mr. Stone, we'd just like a picture if you could spare a minute.
CASEY: Very sorry, Mr. Stone, just a couple of fans looking for a keepsake.
JAKE STONE: One second.
(Jake and Casey stand around like idiots.)
JAKE STONE: Alright, boys. Let's do this.

Jake Stone. Local celebrity buddy.


Casey Brewer said...

I'll never wash that shoulder.

Anonymous said...

The Fun Director has poured me many many drinks :) ~dre

Greg and Sarah Strong said...

Wildest Party Dude? I thought that title went to Casey Brewer.
I remember a summer night in Pioneer Park in Stillwater hanging out with some guys (I think Rebitzer was one of them) and some 14-year old kid was around and saw Casey.
"Hey" he says, "who's that guy?"
"That's Casey Brewer" I said.
"Wow!" The kid was amazed. "Isn't he like, the biggest party animal in Stillwater?"
"Yes, kid. Yes, he is."