Thursday, June 12, 2008

Beijing Buddies.

In Beijing, we don't have a lot of hot dogs. You can get them and I'm sure I will. But so far there are just too much weird and delicious food selections.

The hutongs, or side streets, are filled with vendors that would love to sell you things you wouldn't eat even if you're blackout drunk. But when in Beijing...

You can eat sea urchins, chicken hearts, breaded dog on a stick, an entire squid, snakes pieces, water snakes, mini-lobsters, some pork guts, beef, etc...

In this one you can clearly see the fermented tufu on a stick, something you can smell yards away.

Sometimes Beijing buddies eat scorpions together. After many, many beers. They taste like earth.

Here's buddy Troy after sampling some of the local fare.

Sometimes buddies stop making fun of each other for being from Sweden, Deutschland or 'Merica and just drink 40 cent 22 oz beers next to piles of garbage.

Then as buddies, eat a variety of meats and spiced breads on sticks. With some green things and large bottles of beer.

Once in a while, in a city of 20 million, you don't need a buddy.

EDIT: Click on the pictures for a closer look.


Jake Lancaster said...

I could really go for some water snake and green things about right now.

Casey Brewer said...

Good thing there's beer there, otherwise Falch would have wasted away to nothing by now.

lee said...

is that jake holding the beer wearing the izod polo.
i'd recognize that belly anywhere.