Monday, September 22, 2008

Don't Sleep on the Walkin' Dog

A downtown delight that specializes in "ball park" dogs and has a hot dog happy hour from 2-4, the Walkin' Dog is not to be trifled with. My buddy Lee said the dogs alone are kind of shit so you should probably double up on toppings (like my chili, cheese, and onion treat here).

A look behind the scenes although they are not really behind anything because they make all that dog magic happen right in front of your eyes. Word of warning, the shorter woman there does not like to have her picture taken. I found this out the hard way after my flash nearly blinded everyone within a 30 foot radius.

If you plan on dining there regularly it will behoof you to pick up a Frequent Dogger Card (buy 12 get 1 free). I think I'll go there tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More, More, More

Ok. My digital camera shit the bed on me so I haven't been able to post a lot of pics of my most recent hot dog/buddy adventures, but rest assured, they will be coming. I bought a pretty neat little film point and shoot camera that takes great pics but i have to develop the film and then scan them in which means it will take about two years. I kid, I kid. 1 year, tops. More to come though, and soon. Encased meats need a proper forum to be discussed, appreciated, even admired. It's a burden we all share. Keep it coming.


Dog Sitting Dogs

I wasn't alone on a Friday night getting drunk by myself and eating hot dogs and listening to ELO, no sir, I was with man's best friend Kubs, son of good buddy Brew. And we had a hell of a time.

The raw materials; bakery fresh buns, Nathan's All Beef Franks (the natural casing skinny ones not the fat ones), Angus beef ground sirloin, habanero jack cheese, one white onion, coleslaw (not used until later that night when I got pretty oiled and had a night cap dog), jalapeno peppers (not shown), Tapatio hot sauce (not shown).

My Own Meat Sauce®

Boil them lil' guys. To maintain maximum flavor, a natural casing "skin-on" weiner should not be grilled. If the scent of boiling weiners was an air freshener, i would buy them in bulk. A little pot with some dogs in it hanging from your rearview--real nice.

I've heard that many artists go through a severe depression after they finish whatever they've created because it's another piece of them given to the world. A piece they'll never get back and that will never be replenished within them. Well I ate my work of art and it was good so I was not depressed at all.

Even this turd wanted in on the action! He didn't get any though. Well, maybe a bite. What a great night, Kubs. Let's do it again soon.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Demolition Dogs

Huevos Amigos! We had a gooder this last weekend. It was demolition derby time out in Spicewood. That means lots of good ol' boys, smashed cars and, in our case, tailgating proper with hot dogs and cold High Life. This pic above kinda wraps up the crowd, it was awesome.

The Goods:

Dirty Dog:


Toasting the beautiful sunset:

until the bloggity blogg lets me post this here is a link to the derby

Monday, September 1, 2008

Buddies that go the extra mile to be buddies.

Sometimes buddies need to go the extra mile to be buddies. Like, if you're hungry, maybe a buddy will make you a peanut butter and jelly, or even throw a hot dog on the grill for you. Or if you're tired, maybe a buddy will fluff your pillow for you and mimic the sounds of the ocean while you sleep. A really good buddy remembers the little things that make buddies, buddies.