Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dog Sitting Dogs

I wasn't alone on a Friday night getting drunk by myself and eating hot dogs and listening to ELO, no sir, I was with man's best friend Kubs, son of good buddy Brew. And we had a hell of a time.

The raw materials; bakery fresh buns, Nathan's All Beef Franks (the natural casing skinny ones not the fat ones), Angus beef ground sirloin, habanero jack cheese, one white onion, coleslaw (not used until later that night when I got pretty oiled and had a night cap dog), jalapeno peppers (not shown), Tapatio hot sauce (not shown).

My Own Meat Sauce®

Boil them lil' guys. To maintain maximum flavor, a natural casing "skin-on" weiner should not be grilled. If the scent of boiling weiners was an air freshener, i would buy them in bulk. A little pot with some dogs in it hanging from your rearview--real nice.

I've heard that many artists go through a severe depression after they finish whatever they've created because it's another piece of them given to the world. A piece they'll never get back and that will never be replenished within them. Well I ate my work of art and it was good so I was not depressed at all.

Even this turd wanted in on the action! He didn't get any though. Well, maybe a bite. What a great night, Kubs. Let's do it again soon.


Geoff Peveto said...

Damn. It's 10 am and I'd eat the jesus outta those. I'm off to Europe fellas. GERMANY. Lots of sausage, beer pics and buddy stories when I return.

Jake Lancaster said...

Encased meat Mecca. A journey any true weiner aficionado must undertake once in his life. Have fun.

R. Falch said...

Man, I miss Kubs...

Those dogs look great.

Casey Brewer said...

The America dream. Stuffed in all-natural hog casings.