Monday, September 22, 2008

Don't Sleep on the Walkin' Dog

A downtown delight that specializes in "ball park" dogs and has a hot dog happy hour from 2-4, the Walkin' Dog is not to be trifled with. My buddy Lee said the dogs alone are kind of shit so you should probably double up on toppings (like my chili, cheese, and onion treat here).

A look behind the scenes although they are not really behind anything because they make all that dog magic happen right in front of your eyes. Word of warning, the shorter woman there does not like to have her picture taken. I found this out the hard way after my flash nearly blinded everyone within a 30 foot radius.

If you plan on dining there regularly it will behoof you to pick up a Frequent Dogger Card (buy 12 get 1 free). I think I'll go there tomorrow.

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R. Falch said...

Ain't no Walking Dog in China.