Thursday, October 16, 2008

Europäer sind verrückt

German Edition. So let's get right too it. I was in Hamburg for five days ( I think, beer was insanely cheap there)

So the following was my daily intake. I didn't shoot every day because it was the same basic encased meats. But enough variety to get a different dog every trip which occurred about every hour or so that first day. No buns over there. Just these little rolls. They don't want you fucking it up with a lot of bread.

Now this shit here was my favorite. It's called Curry Wurst. Basically you pick a brat and they have this little machine that's slices it up in about 2 seconds. Then they add the sauce which is kinda BBQ flavored but with curry and then the shake more curry on it. One of course with a plate of frittes

Then there was this for the professional on the go. A dog in a bag. It tasted like a giant Vienna Sausage.

This here's the sweet grills that made all the badass dags up above. Chubby dude looks like all business.

After all this it was a week in Belgium which had very little dog action. Plenty of pasta and soups and waffles and shit but no dogs. So as soon as I hit US soil, which happened to be the Atlanta airport, I got myself a Miller and a "Georgia Dog" at the Oscar Meyer stand. This one was Chili Cheese and Vidalia relish. It was awesome especially for an airport dog.

Europeans Are Crazy...

about sausage. After spending nearly three weeks there I have some photo evidence which will now become a ginormous entry here. Most of this action went down in Hamburg Germany which should change their name to Hot Dog Germany because that's pretty much all I ate there. In fact almost everything I put in my body came from the gas station across the street form where Flatstock went down. For five glorious sausage filled days.

So first up was Amsterdam. Now to my dismay I only came across these two hot dog spots after I had stuffed myself on Salami Pizza, Fries with mayo and peanut sauce and cold beers. First the two things that got between me and the dogs are not dogs but you shoudl understand why I failed to get a dog in Amsterdam.


So here's the two things I missed. One is a rad cart and the other is what I guess they pop into an oven and bake it up proper. It seems it would be kinda gross cold but I would prolly still eat the hell outta it.

Next stop Germany which was so loaded with pork and beef product I guess I'll make a second entry.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Diabolical Dogs

So a few weeks back, old dusty nutz Mancaster and I went on a little Diabolical Road Trip. You may have seen some of the documentation over at Superbeast (see more shots here), but I wanted to add the shots from one of our awesome meals we made while up at my cabin.

Here we have some amazing dogs from Fred's Butcher, way the hell up North up highway 65. Jake also slayed a grouse so we cooked that 'sumbitch up as well. It was tasty. I also brought up some homemade chili, and some salsa verde to add into the mix. The dogs turned out great when cooked over an open fire. We were so tuckered out after eating this that we both passed out and didn't even touch the 12-pack of Pilsner Urquel we had waiting for us.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Welcome to Korean Chongol.

Yeah, fuck you. I can't get any good hot dogs in Beijing. But what I can get is my best Korean gal to take me to the ultimate Korean Hot Pot in town.

The place is in Korean Town in Beijing. It's fairly unassuming, as are all the best restaurants in this city. One of my favorite parts about Korean places is that you get a lot of free dishes to start your meal. Pickled radishes, an assortment of kim chi (hot, sweet, sour), a salad and if you're lucky some marinated squid. It's not that you need this free food, but it's akin to going to your grandmother's house and her wanting to feed you non-stop. It makes you feel all warm inside.

You start the hot pot ritual out by choosing the broth. We opted for the really spicey chicken stock. In the center of your table is a burner and you fire that bitch up and get to cooking. You also choose your meats. A variety of seafoods, chicken, pork, or beef. We got the beef.

And you choose your veggies. We got a pretty traditional mix of a few different mushrooms, potato, onion, parsley, cilantro (which is key), Chineeee spinich and egg noodles.

Mix it in the pot. Drink your tea. Obey hilarious rituals that you'll get scolded about. Order some noontime beer.

Afterward, it's great to walk through the Russian market next door for a good laugh.

Min tian jian.