Thursday, October 16, 2008

Europeans Are Crazy...

about sausage. After spending nearly three weeks there I have some photo evidence which will now become a ginormous entry here. Most of this action went down in Hamburg Germany which should change their name to Hot Dog Germany because that's pretty much all I ate there. In fact almost everything I put in my body came from the gas station across the street form where Flatstock went down. For five glorious sausage filled days.

So first up was Amsterdam. Now to my dismay I only came across these two hot dog spots after I had stuffed myself on Salami Pizza, Fries with mayo and peanut sauce and cold beers. First the two things that got between me and the dogs are not dogs but you shoudl understand why I failed to get a dog in Amsterdam.


So here's the two things I missed. One is a rad cart and the other is what I guess they pop into an oven and bake it up proper. It seems it would be kinda gross cold but I would prolly still eat the hell outta it.

Next stop Germany which was so loaded with pork and beef product I guess I'll make a second entry.


Casey Brewer said...

Is that like a sloppy joe pizza next to the one with olives? Looks amazing.

Geoff Peveto said...

That thing was a bolognese pizza. It was on every menu we saw. Never seen one before but it was spaghetti sauce on a pizza. So pretty much a sloppy joe pie. It was good eats.