Thursday, October 16, 2008

Europäer sind verrückt

German Edition. So let's get right too it. I was in Hamburg for five days ( I think, beer was insanely cheap there)

So the following was my daily intake. I didn't shoot every day because it was the same basic encased meats. But enough variety to get a different dog every trip which occurred about every hour or so that first day. No buns over there. Just these little rolls. They don't want you fucking it up with a lot of bread.

Now this shit here was my favorite. It's called Curry Wurst. Basically you pick a brat and they have this little machine that's slices it up in about 2 seconds. Then they add the sauce which is kinda BBQ flavored but with curry and then the shake more curry on it. One of course with a plate of frittes

Then there was this for the professional on the go. A dog in a bag. It tasted like a giant Vienna Sausage.

This here's the sweet grills that made all the badass dags up above. Chubby dude looks like all business.

After all this it was a week in Belgium which had very little dog action. Plenty of pasta and soups and waffles and shit but no dogs. So as soon as I hit US soil, which happened to be the Atlanta airport, I got myself a Miller and a "Georgia Dog" at the Oscar Meyer stand. This one was Chili Cheese and Vidalia relish. It was awesome especially for an airport dog.


Don said...

You know what they put on French fries in Hamburg instead of ketchup?

Joe Lancaster said...

I went to Hamburg back in ought six and curry wurst was the best part. It was even better than the girls in the windows and the people that spray paint themselves silver to look like statues. Nice find my fellow dog enthusiast.

Casey Brewer said...

Holy fuck Geoff! You're like a globe trotter of awesomeness. Nice scouting.

R. Falch said...

curry wurst sounds great.

i work with a few good dudes from hamburg and none of them have ever tried the curry wurst.

fucking germans...

Geoff Peveto said...

Speaking of globe trotting I just got tickets to Chicago in Nov. to take a buddy to Hot Doug's, who's never been, and hit as many of these places as possible (camera in tow) :

it just so happens my buddies in Centro-Matic and The Hold Steady are playing two different nights. And HS is with Drive By Truckers. Plus The Sea and Cake is the last night. Can't wait for this trip.

Jake Lancaster said...

Good heavens, Geoff, you can die a happy man. Mecca is whatever you make it.