Sunday, December 14, 2008

Another Saturday Sausage Party

You know when you are pumping ground meat into pig guts there isn't a single thing anyone can say that can't be construed as a dick joke. Oddly enough making sausage and cooking for 4 hours the dick jokes don't get old. It's like we are still retarded teenagers but reality is we are just retarded adults who drink a lot and laugh at stupid shit...all. the. time.

But for a bunch of tards we can make some pretty mean eats. We started the night off with a version of Poutine. Seeing as I have only had it once in Montreal about 10 years ago I couldn't exactly remember the gravy. Buddy Northcutt managed to pretty much make good ol' KFC gravy from scratch. It wasn't quite the traditional Canuck brown gravy but it was damn tasty so that's what we ate. And we ate the hell out of it. Waffle fries, cheese curds and gravy, fuck yeah.

Now enough of this Canadian grabass let's talk sausages. First up I marinated 6 ribeyes and a pound of hickory smoked peppered bacon for about 4 hours, ground it up and got to stuffin'.

These were deelish. Dressed with whiskey butter (!!!), Amish Bermuda Onion cheddar and crispy onion strings. Other offerings for the evening were a spicy sweet chili teriyaki dog with a spicy goat cheese sauce made by guest buddy Adrian who is working on a documentary called "Slow Food" about organic and local foodstuffs. Northcutt whipped out a portobello, roasted garlic, balsamic soaked Quinoa and shallot "sausage" dressed with a roasted red and yellow bell, pear chutney and topped with marjoram, basil, sugar and black pepper crusted Chèvre rounds. And finally, for good measure, I tossed out a BBQ brisket sausage dressed with a mustard base hot pepper/garlic, Yukon gold/sweet potato salad, Butterkase cheese, baby dill slices and Habanero BBQ Sauce

Here they be. Portobello on the left, Ribeye in the middle, Brisket on the right, Teriyaki on top

And just so you guys don't think I've gone full on fruity I grabbed a pretty alright dog outside Home Depot today on a run to get some shit to work on our roof. You know man stuff. And some potting soil to re-pot some plants. Wait..shit I've said too much..

p.s. it was 76° here today. I think we may have to have a Wizzard New Year's Eve in the back yard if this weather holds up.


Casey Brewer said...

I've heard about poutine, but I've never had it. It looks not nearly as appetizing as you make it sound.

Well done with those sausages.

R. Falch said...

I've eaten some weird, weird shit in my day and the ingredients in poutine all seem rather normal, but when put together they make one artery clogging pile of confusion.

Montreal's all right with me.