Sunday, December 14, 2008

Big Business. Buddies. Bullwinkle's Famous Dogs.

So a couple of buddies had made plans to eat some dogs and then rock. No gals allowed.

Much to our dismay, the Wienery was closed on Saturday night. The night that Big Business and the Melvins were to grace the stage of the Triple Rock for a face melting rock show of monumental proportions.

Ol' Mancaster got a hot tip about some dog eatin' at Bullwinkles, a West Bank college town luminary. Screw the Wienery and their unpredictable hours, off to Bullwinkles!

Bullwinkles claims to serve the Twin Cities finest Coney Island Hot Dog. Jake gave it the thumbs up, but our personal favorite was the Minnesota Chili Dog. Holy christ! That beast had more girth than a shut-in at a Piggly Wiggly!

Just a couple of bros holding their babes proud. Where's the cigar!

We both threw caution to the wind and dangled our dusty nuts over the Minnesota Chili Dog. Jake followed that with the Coney Island, and I got the Chicago Style Dog. One round of tots to share please.

That's the Chicago and the Minnesota Chili. I thought the Chicago was one of the best I've had outside of Chi-town. The Minnesota Chili was like a demon sent from the orifices of hell. So bad, but so damn good.

Jake rolled strong with the Minnesota Chili, and the Twin Cities Coney Island. Two thumbs up!



All in all, we thought Bullwinkles was pretty damn delicious. 4 dogs, a pitcher of beer, and a side of tater tots for ten bucks each. Hot damn!

I have to admit that I've never been so uncomfortably stuffed in my life. I bitched all the way to the Big Biz show and couldn't even consume my Tecate once I got there. Not sure what the issue was, but let's just say I stretched the boundaries of abdominal fortitude.

Read more about the Big Biz/Melvins show over at Superbeast.


Geoff Peveto said...

That Minnesota looks Fucking awesome. No better way to gear up for the Melvins. We made sausage again yesterday. Downloading pics...

R. Falch said...

That's it, we got ourselves a buddy dog date when I come back to 'merica at the end of January.

Brew, Jake, whoever else. It's on.