Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Buddies, Bloody Mary's, BBQ, Bacon Waffles and Brad

I went to Smitty's today and it reminded me of some pics from a previous trip that you fellas should appreciate.

Buddy Brad, also known as Whisky Beard, came down to visit from OKC. Brad is a whiz at the barbecuing. So much so that bands like Magnolia Electric Co. and Ladyhawk from Vancouver B.C. will route their tours through that crap hole Oklahoma City just to eat in his back yard.

After their most recent show there Ladyhawk were nice enough to let Brad get in the van down to Austin so he could then get some meat in his belly. Once in Austin Ladyhawk delivered the rock and we hung out till the wee hours talking about metal and slugging back hooch. The next couple days were spent slugging back more hooch and talking less about metal and more about meat. Delicious, delicious meat (but still plenty about metal. I mean c'mon it's metal)

First off this is Brad with one of my Bloody Mary's

Next this was breakfast. Bacon Waffles and Brad's Atomic Donkey Turds which are cheese stuffed, bacon wrapped jalapenos. You read that right, BACON in the waffles. I won't make them any other way and neither should you.

Enough of this "most important meal of the day" nonsense, this is Smitty's. Open flame pit on the floor as you walk in.

Buddies Brad and Ladyhawk surveying the take. Just look at that beautiful pile of meats. No forks at this joint.

And since this site is about the tubed variety of animals here is a sweet close up of the Smitty's Sausage.


R. Falch said...

Ladyhawk makes really good rock music.

They also introduced me to an awesome thrash metal band, with the best name of all time S.T.R.E.E.T.S. (Skateboarding Totally Rules Everything Else Totally Sucks).

groakus said...

This is Jason G. from Magnolia -- yes, we do route our tours for Brad. And, yes, his pork shoulder, pork chop, ribs, and even his shrimp kabobs are the best in the U.S. It is a heady mix of pleasure and pain when you stop by Brad's. I love the man.

Geoff Peveto said...

Hey welcome Jason. I too love Brad. He made the most awesome pulled pork sliders I have ever had and proceeded to drain his house warming gift of a liter of Makers in about 2 hours.

I was cooking up sausages and burgers last night with another dude you know, Will Johnson. We had a good time with the beers and the other beers.

And S.T.R.E.E.T.S. fucking rule. I got to see them with about 25 people playing on the floor of a pizza joint here in Austin. Intense and awesome. Sadly it was their last tour ever.

Jake Lancaster said...

Would I have seen Ladyhawke open for Black Mountain a couple years ago?

Next time I roll through OKC (probably never) I'll most certainly stop at Smitty's. Damn those meats look fine.

Geoff you'll need to make me a bloody mary sometime. I could go for one about right now. In tubular meat news, I discovered a 3 pack of Nathan's Famous Cocktail Smokies at Costco yesterday. That's 3 lbs! I didn't even know they made them. A friend suggested I bake mini buns for them (which would be fun AND cute) but I'm not much of a baker. So there they sit, waiting to be made into something amazing. I'll let you know what I come up with. Should be good. Maybe just some bbq sauce and smokies in the ol' slow cooker. Just cooking slowly.

Jake Lancaster said...

Have I seen Ladyhawke with you Ryan? Is there rock music in China? I can't see Mao really being down with heavy riffage.

Geoff Peveto said...

You very easily could have seen Ladyhawk with Black Mountain. Both fucking awesome and both from Vancouver so I know they would have toured together.

Whip up some bacon waffles man! Li'l smokies and syrup are the jam.

R. Falch said...

Yeah, we saw Ladyhawk and Black Mountain and Blood Meridian, who aren't as good as their name suggests.

Yeah, man there's rock music in China. The kids are revolting! Plus, as people get less and less afraid of Beijing, more international bands are coming—mostly it's just Americanhip hop, Euro DJs and Japanese riffs. Bjork sorta ruined it for us for a while with her "Free Tibet" yammering.