Saturday, December 6, 2008

You Dudes Have To Get Some Of This Action

I may be getting a little sausage goofy and if so it's all Hot Doug's fault. But this week a sweet Kitchen Aide arrived on my door step with food grinder and sausage stuffer in tow. Tonight buddies Helms and Northcutt and myself put it to the test. That's right we made our own sausages and they ruled.

First off we had no idea what we were doing and thankfully the kind (and one drunk) dudes at Whole Foods had casing and some advice about fat content. We started with some pork butt, some buffalo and a bunch of beer and it went like this:

Grinding the butt

Pumpin it into the casing. We found out a length of casing is called a "Hank." It's fucking gross.

We have links! But we're afraid to cut them apart so...

we throw them all on the grill and let them do their thing. It wasn't especially pretty but cooking firmed them up and we were able to cut them apart.

Here's the final. Left to right.1. Teryaki, Pineapple, Pork with Hot Pepper and Sriracha Mayo. 2. Bacon, Bleu Cheese, Pork with Horseraddish Bleu Cheese slaw. 3. Buffalo with Pinot Noir, Bacon, and Cranberry with Sweet Hot Mustard and Cranberry Cheddar

We learned a lot and basically making sausages is pretty easy . So treat yourself to one of these apparatuses, it's worth it.


Hotlips Houlihan said...

You all just turned into my Polish grandmother!

Jake Lancaster said...

Surely there is not a better way to bond with friends.

Debra van Culiblog said...

I'm neither dude nor 'bud' and I don't eat hot dogs, but yours is my new super favourite blog. Chapeau and Merçi!