Saturday, January 31, 2009

International Ryan Falch Day: The Wienery.

Some guys will bend over backwards for a broad, some guys will get fancy hair cuts, and buy jeans with embroidered dragons all over them, and some guys will even take up Pilates and Bikram Yoga to find their inner douche. Our good buddy Ryan Falch flew for 18 hours and cashed in a Swiss bank account of Yen to come back to the motherland and experience some goddamn, good old fashioned 'Merican food. First stop, The Wienery of course.

There's the man of the hour, with newcomer buddy, and regular man about town Joe. The Wienery was packed as usual, but we were lucky enough to find a seat by the door. While we waited for our hot links, Ryan caught up on some local news and we contemplated Chinese eats like scorpions and cocoons. Yeah, you heard that right.

Never a loss for charm...and dust, here we have the patron saint of the Wienery. I call him Old Dusty Buck.

Owner Pat was running the place all by his lonesome per usual, but he still had time to tell me about the wonders of a real Mexican hot dog. I dropped some science about how the blog was receiving national acclaim, and thus far we've given him 3 solid if not outstanding reviews. He seemed pleased as a giant kettle full of all-beefs boiled over violently behind him.

That's the Drive-Thru and Briny Dog, with a mess of fresh cut fries. Mmm, mmm good.

So here's the skinny. I rolled with my personal favorite, the Drive-Thru dog. This beauty is locked and loaded with freshly made cole slaw on top of baked beans and shredded cheddar cheese. The sweet and salty of this little bastard is what makes it so damn delicious.

I also hit a home run with a new fave, The Briny Dog. The Briny comes with a pickle, sour kraut, relish, and giardinna. I got this one Mexicali style. That's bacon wrapped for you gringos. The Briny was a little salty (hence the name), but still delicious. I think next time I'll try it with cheese.

The next day, we hit up another local gem. The Jasmine Deli on Eat Street. A good Banh Mi sandwich is one of my favorite eats, and the Jasmine's pork Banh Mi is a real face melter. That melting pot of the French and Vietnamese was an act of god if you love a good sandwich.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sturgis Dog House

Sturgis, South Dakota can seem rather ghostly over the months of December and January. Vance & Hines pipes are silenced and turgid "mama's" breasts clothed by strong prairie winds and occasionally punishing snowfall. Winter out here can be a pitiless bitch. But a deep and affecting warmth comes easy dear reader, and it's yours for the taking at 2120 Lazelle Street where the "Not Yet World Famous" Sturgis Dog House awaits you with arms open like a bakery fresh poppy seed bun.

Although my journalistic cover was blown by a buddy who is a regular at the Dog House (not his fault), they were nonetheless incredibly friendly and accommodating wiener slinging small business owners. I was even able to meet the gentleman who runs the joint and tell him what a fine establishment he maintains. And the hot dogs? They're all beef, natural casing wieners that snap like Joe Theisman's femur. Often a wienery will rely on accoutrements to make the dog while forgetting the dog itself. Not the Sturgis Dog House--they pride themselves on some top shelf beef and it does not disappoint. And with a menu 13 dogs deep, there is something there for everyone.

Above you will find, from L. to R.:The Wild Bill Mexi Dog served in a deep fried tortilla, The Devils Tower served with deep fried jalapenos, pepperjack cheese, and salsa, and the Deadwood Chili Dog. They were all quite tasty but the Devils Tower really shined for me.

When you next head west, whether on two wheels, four, or eighteen, pop into the Sturgis Dog House to keep that engine running.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Game Day Dogs and a couple more

Well even though the NCAA championship didn't end up my way it was still a good buddy hang out. Really winning the Heisman is a curse if you are playing for the championship. But oh well there will be more games.

So my sweet old lady brought some chili back from a road trip and we decided no better excuse needed than football and buddies to cook it up and spread it on. Two styles hit the stove. Schwab's Back Home Chili and 4 Star. Schwab's comes from Yancy's favorite home town hotdoggery called Coit's. It's pretty alright.

Chili bricks!

Lookit that grease!

Thee Dags. Simple, Chili Cheese Mustard

And I made a trip up the road to Lucky Dog for some Chicago Dog action. We just don't have good Chicago Dogs here so when I see a claim of one I have to check it out. Of course when I got there I sorta copped out and had a hot polish dressed with Chicago. All the elements for the bun and dressings were fresh and tasty and the sausage was not bad. For something advertised as super hot it coulda had more of a bite. Still good for a Texas joint. The chili dog was right on time albeit a little mustard heavy.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Dogs That Were Not There

Let's say you're in a far Western US town of semi-lawlessness and you lose a member of your posse in a sea of people the second the ball drops to ring in a new year. You can not find this person for hours. You worry they've been taken away by wild dogs, miners, or worse yet, the authorities. The best thing to do is wander into the corner bar, tip back a couple of cold ones, and order up the two lone weiners you see behind the bar glowing like God himself as they ride the hot dog ferris wheel to heaven. You'll hatch a plan. You'll find your man. Trust me on this one.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Roscoe's and Sausages

I just downloaded a different camera and it had this pic from Roscoe's in LA I forgot I took. Them's some sweet yard bird and waffles they whip up there.

The other pics are the following fine eats. On the menu was a straight stretch chili dog. I made the chili sauce with some browned onions/garlic and good old greasy ground beef. Some chili powder, cumin, tomato paste and a little low rent ketchup for a bit of sweetness.

I attempted a Samosa Sausage but I still need to work on that. Curried potatoes and peas need something to make them act like a sausage. Dressed it with mango lime chutney, spicy peanut sauce and some Paneer cheese. The flavors were there but it was a mess. Besides the delicious chili dog the Muffuletta Sausage came out real nice. The grind was Hot Capicola, Genoa Salami, and Mortadella. I added some ham too. Before casing I diced up some Mozzarella and tossed it into the mix. Dressed with Dijon, Provolone and an olive tapenade made from green and black olives, Giardiniera, pimentos and some spices and shit.

Look at that sweet deli action

Dogs of the chili, NOLA and Indian varieties