Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Game Day Dogs and a couple more

Well even though the NCAA championship didn't end up my way it was still a good buddy hang out. Really winning the Heisman is a curse if you are playing for the championship. But oh well there will be more games.

So my sweet old lady brought some chili back from a road trip and we decided no better excuse needed than football and buddies to cook it up and spread it on. Two styles hit the stove. Schwab's Back Home Chili and 4 Star. Schwab's comes from Yancy's favorite home town hotdoggery called Coit's. It's pretty alright.

Chili bricks!

Lookit that grease!

Thee Dags. Simple, Chili Cheese Mustard

And I made a trip up the road to Lucky Dog for some Chicago Dog action. We just don't have good Chicago Dogs here so when I see a claim of one I have to check it out. Of course when I got there I sorta copped out and had a hot polish dressed with Chicago. All the elements for the bun and dressings were fresh and tasty and the sausage was not bad. For something advertised as super hot it coulda had more of a bite. Still good for a Texas joint. The chili dog was right on time albeit a little mustard heavy.

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Casey Brewer said...

Damn. Chili bricks. Now that is something I've never seen before.