Monday, February 9, 2009

Greek Dog Showdown Part II

Milwaukee Wiener House No. 1

Although ostensibly named with expansion in mind, there is no municipal record of a second Milwaukee Wiener House. And there needn't be. The sheer warmth and comfort exuded by it's drab green booths and walls, its plastic serving trays emblazoned with the House logo, its somehow pleasant aroma of processed swine and bakery fresh buns provided by the w/in spitting distance Metz "Old Home" bakery, its hardworking clientele and its process-driven, if not a bit curt staff would be nearly impossible to replicate.

If one were to associate a mood with the Milwaukee Wiener House, it would be something close to feeling as a small child does when he's assembled a fort made of sleeping bags and pillows and couch cushions where inside his new fort he has all his toy guns, a bag of marshmallows, his imaginary buddy Frankie and a peek hole where he can peer out at the TV occasionally to watch his favorite cartoons. Imagine that but with Miller High Life and hot dogs.

So why does the Milwaukee Wiener House No. 1 finish third in the Greek Dog Showdown of 2008? The dogs, duh. They seemed too soft and spice-less, of a grade fit only for our nation's most lowly public mental institutions. The chili and buns however deserve high marks.

Some would disagree with your correspondents assessment. Case in point, Spanish Johnny, poised to bite off the hand of anyone who dare touch his weiner(s).

A "Barker" and Hamm's still life. If there are any talented painters looking at this, I'll pay top dollar to see this hanging framed on my wall.

Wish you were here!

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