Monday, February 9, 2009

Greek Dog Showdown Part III

Coney Island

In a strip mall that has seen it's third or fourth makeover, flanked by a bowling alley and a Hy-Vee foodstore, sits Coney Island, quietly churning out, in your correspondent's humble opinion, the greater Siouxland area's second best coney dog.

Since my first visit to Coney Island probably five or six years ago, the eatery has been staffed by two people: the owner and his mother. Grandmother, possibly. He does the cooking and takes your order while grandma delivers to your table the dogs and onion chips (definitely get onion chips). If she speaks English at all, it's of the broken kind; "You now enjoy eat" and such. And you do. A marked difference from George's and Milwaukee is the deep fryer. Onion chips and fries really do add a nice touch.

Note: Coney Island was originally the third stop on the itinerary but what was supposed to be a brief respite at a local watering hole before put the skids on that. Through sheer determination, I was able to complete the trifecta a few weeks later.

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