Monday, February 16, 2009

Sausage 101. Or How I Learnt To Link Like A Pro.

Buddy Northcutt and I decided to take this sausage making kick to the next level and learn from a dude who knows his shit. That dude is Jesse Griffiths and he owns and operates Dai Due. Aside from the awesome suppers he puts together with all local and seasonal foods he teaches some sweet ass classes. For example we may take one in March on how to dress a whole hog and then prepare it for a Boucherie dinner. That's right, the whole dang pig.

But for this class we made sausages, glorious sausages. 6 to be exact. Maple breakfast, Chorizo, country-style sausages made of bison, veal and pork, Boudin Blanc, dry-cured Saucissons Sec, and sweet Italians. Jesse had some excellent tips that make a lot of sense looking back at the stuff we've been screwing up. The main thing is we make them shits and zippity doo right to the grill. Gotta poach them puppies.

Here's a few pics of our learnins:

Spices measured out for each sausage we made. If you have your recipes down it's best to mix the spice in prior to the grind.

If you are going to make sausage links you have to pick up one of these. Holy shit it rules. It can link 10 pounds in about 2 minutes cranked by hand. As badass as the kitchen aid is this stuffs way better and way faster.

twistin the porkvealalo

the Dry Cure Saucissons Sec. These take about a month to fully cure.

And last but not least the Boudin Blanc. A nicely spiced pork sausage that is ground twice with a fine blade and then mixed like batter with cream and breadcrumbs before casing. Poached then pan fried. We ate these with some fresh mustard Jesse made out of one of my favorite ale's, Fireman's 4.


Casey Brewer said...

By poaching, do you mean boiling for a few?

Geoff Peveto said...

Yessir. On a low heat around 180 F. Maybe 10 - 20 min to bring it up to temp so when you throw them shits on the grill they don't blow up.

Jamie Ward said...

that last photo should be framed and hung above a couch.