Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bacon Wrapped Venison and Buddies.

I decided to have a little BBQ for the hell of it this past weekend. A few good buddies showed up, like Jake "the Prodigal Son" Lancaster, John "Yahtzee" Nussbaum, Schwenny, The Mayor, The Dude, and Kent and Kellar the creative duo behind the internet...the whole damn internet.

I whipped up a batch of bacon-wrapped venison sausages along with some homemade salsa. The salsa went quicker than Carl Lewis jacked on human growth hormones, and I only got one of the sausages. Never fear, I also loaded up the grill with a bunch of all-beef franks and the world's largest can of Baked Beans. Rumor has it that the can of beans was swiped from a homeless shelter. I prefer to believe it came from Costco.

After all the eats and beers we headed down to Artcrank, "the poster party for bike people." The show was cool, but super packed per usual. I got a little claustrophobic so we headed over to Cuzzy's where Jake proceeded to show us how tough he was by doing push-ups with a cardboard boner on his head. Just another wacky Saturday night.

I'll be able to wash that dick off my hand, but Jake will always be a dickhead.

Photos courtesy of Mike Haeg.


Jake Lancaster said...

Those deer dicks were delish.

Geoff Peveto said...

Sweet hat Lancaster. B&W means it's art not porn.