Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thee Mighty Cone

About a block from my pad there is an Airstream with a giant spinning cupcake on it. It's called "Hey Cupcake" Cute right? Guess what, they sell cupcakes. You know what else? They suck. If you are only doing one thing you better do it really fucking well. But I digress.

This trailer sits on an empty lot. Right around South By Southwest this year an army of trailers cropped up in the lot hawking everything from paninis to popcorn. None of this stuff was of interest really but one day whilst walking Rocketsauce and Tater to Jo's for an Iced Turbo I finally looked a little closer at The Mighty Cone and noticed it was run by Hudson's On The Bend.

Now before you get into the rest of this story take a second to go peruse Hudson's menu. It's the only place where I have eaten this fabulous array of animals in one sitting:

Rattlesnake cakes with pistachio crust and chipotle cream
Shot of spicy lobster bisque
Escargot with hearts of palm and asparagus
Venison with lobster with guava sour cherry sauce
Ruby Trout with mango habanero aioli
Chocolate-chili-coffee rubbed Elk with Gulf Coast Crab and lime chipotle beer blanc
Rabbit tenders, Smoked Quail and Achiote Marinated Buffalo.

Given that The Mighty Cone was affiliated with this kinda of stellar meat fandango I decided to give it a shot. I was fully prepared to order up the hot and crunchy chicken avacado thingy they offered but right when I was about to make my selection I saw the Cone Dog on the menu. Well shit there it was. Grass fed Venison dressed up in a goofy cone. One please with a side of chili dusted fries. Since I still wasn't paying complete attention I really didn't know what the cone was. I was kinda hoping for a waffle. Now don't get excited it wasn't a waffle it was a tortilla. But it was a tortilla stuffed with some pretty tasty sausage and slaw that kept Rocketsauce's attention while I ate it on my porch chased with a nice PBR. Not too shabby for walking about a block and buying dinner out of a trailer.

So welcome to the hood fruitcakes Rocketsauce and I will be back!

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Jake Lancaster said...

Were you walking Rocketsauce or just cruelly dragging him around on his ass?