Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wiener Dog Race Wiener

My Sweet Old Lady and I took Rocketsauce and Tater out to the Wiener Dog Races today in Buda. Figgered it was a nice day and the dags would like some interaction with an clutch of little German pups. There was a mess of them shits. All sizes, standard, miniature, toy... Mostly well behaved except for a couple barky little fuckers. It was a mix of county fair and carnival even the Wienermobile was there. The only thing missing was the booze.

But to make up for that they smartly served up some tasty dogs. I promptly ordered up a chili and dressed it with plain mustard, dill relish and Meaner Wiener Chipotle sauce.

Some of the sauce they were slingin'

And the Wiener Race Wiener


Jake Lancaster said...

Did I tell you that Stan and I chased the Wienermobile down Congress but lost it? Is it's home in Austin?

Geoff Peveto said...

Not sure I see it around but not like cruising up and down the street every day. There has to be a few right? Like the goodyear blimp brigade.