Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hotel Dogs

Buddies, I have been ramblin' again so here comes a post-a-palooza. A veritable sausage tour. Or some shit like that.

First up. Back to Sacramento. Don't ask. That place sucks the donk. However since I have discovered Capitol Dawg it's slightly less irritating to make the trip.

Since I was just there two weeks prior I sorta had a plan. Drop in, grab a couple to go dogs and slug back a sixer at the Holiday Inn where I was shacked up. So the first part went on schedule. I even got there for Blue Monday which was 88¢ PBR bottles. Downed a couple whilst the chef grilled my #6 Monarchs Dawg: mustard, swiss cheese and sauerkraut and #9 River Dawg: mustard, onions and cole slaw. Side of sweet potato fries please.

Now where the plan went astray is Suckramento has a severe shortage of Get Quicks downtown. And it's not like the part of downtown I was in was all skyscrapers and shit. It's boring stuff next to more boring stuff and Capitol Dawg. So why there wasn't a beer procurement facility between my dog pick up and the sleepin' shed is beyond me. Moral of the story here is a man with two dogs will gladly buy a bucket of brew for $35 from the hotel bar when in a pinch.

All said and done it was maybe the best room eats I've had. You guys figure out the sliding scale on hotel food on your own.

Hotel Dogs and the most expensive six pack ever purchased:


Casey Brewer said...

Sacrafice in Suckramento.

Jake Lancaster said...

Those are some pretty blue looking mountains on that Coors. Hot Dogs, Cold Beer!