Wednesday, July 1, 2009

On The Road Again

Just got back from a trip to California. Wee bit jet lagged so I'll cut through the chit chat and get to it:

Sacramento 6.26.09
Capitol Dawg

Not to shabby of a joint. Lots of decent looking items on the menu and a super creepy hot dog man staring you down. I decided to go with the Deftones Dawg (mustard, chili, cheese, onions) always the best test of a dog joint. And the River Cats Dawg (mustard, swiss, pastrami, kraut) I'm a sucker for any place that puts more meat on top of a hot dog. The Deftones had a just shy of a shitload of onions. A few too many for my taste but it was still pretty alright. Pastrami dog was good and the side of sweet potato fries and Anchor Steam fixed it all up.

San Francisco 6.28.09

Hit this place with buddy Swamp Viking when I pulled into San Fran Sunday afternoon. Yeah he has a stupid name but his friends Heather and Tami, who bartend there, are rad and they took care of us all night. Good local brews, Shiitake Mushroom Dumplings, Madras Curry Potato Cakes with spiced pineapple chutney and some other tasty crap I forget because we got shit hammered. This here was the main course. Wild Boar with caramelized onions and a pomegranate gastric. La Te Da.

San Francisco 6.29.09
Rosamunde and Toronado

This is a sweet li'l marriage of businesses. Rosamunde is a tiny sausage shack right next door to Toronado, a kick ass craft beer pub. The arrangement is you walk next door and order the dog and then carry it back to Toronado and continue getting blotto.

Rosamunde has a pretty cool design aesthetic and a pink haired German lady running the grill making it work on all levels. Once yor dog is coming off the grill you pick two toppings and go to town.

Their nicely done painted window:

Thee Menu:

Thee Sausage Hole:

Just look at all them delicious shits

So even though I got primed with a variety of cold beers like Anchor Liberty Ale, and Lagunitas Hairy Eyeball, and Bear Republic Racer 5 IPA on the suggestion of buddy Hudson Bell I tried the Russian River Concecration next. It went swell the duck and fig sausage with chili, hot peppers and honey wasabi mustard.

Now before you see the less than pint size glass below and think "that's not a real beer" this is from the RR web site - Concecration: A stong dark ale aged for 6 months inside used cabernet sauvignon barrels with currants added. 10.5% booze.

This was some strong hooch and went real fine with the concoction I got next door. Here's a crappy picture but I'll be back again to take more.


Casey Brewer said...

When times get slow around B&H, we can always count on you Geoff. Well done.

My Seattle research is shooting blanks at the moment. Stay tuned though, I'll sniff some dogs out in no time.

Jake Lancaster said...

Bad ass, man. Hold the torch high.

Casey Brewer said...

Also, I got a text from Northcutt while on the road. Is FRANK open? When are we going to see a glowing review of that fine establishment?

Geoff Peveto said...

I'm about to drop some details on that action. We opened about 10 days ago. Wait till you see the first offerings.