Friday, October 30, 2009

Another Old Ass Coney Island

I had to make a trip back to Oklahoma recently which typically irritates the hell outta me. This trip however was to go to my Grannie's 100th. Pretty amazing to think about living 100 years and all the inventions she's witnessed like microwaves and Girls Gone Wild. Plus she's rad. Aside from the hundy b-day there really wassn't much more joy in heading up I-35 so I managed to salvage the trip by getting some dags in my gullet. Thankfully OKC's lack of culture is almost made up for by it's multiple hot dog joints.

This trip we decided to forgo heading straight to Coit's or Johnnie's (chronicled in past buddy posts) and instead hit the Coney Island. My sweet old lady has been going here with her pops since she was a wee lass. I hadn't been here in a few years and pretty much forgot about it. As with every single Coney Island that has been around since the early 1900's it is owned by a Greek family and has the traditional Greek Style spaghetti, basic dogs and that's about it.

Right away the front window was inviting.

Getting up to the counter was also promising with a bin of red hot boilers

Couple passable dogs. Chili had a wonky flavor but the dog was not bad. The bummer was the beer selection was super lousy so I passed. Please forgive me buddies, I've made up for it.

Here's the one thing I really dug. Being from Oklahoma OU football is a way of life. Even though this season is pretty dismal. They had this wall that they have been keeping the seasons from way back through now. They even mark the years we won the conference and national championships.

p.s. here's some proof of how yer raised in Sooner Country.

p.p.s. We hit Coit's on the way outta town for a road dog and a root beer. They were delicious.


Jake Lancaster said...

Casey and I just dominated Mike's Chili in Seattle. Made a couple of new best friends (Red and Mike). He has all the pics, hopefully we can get something posted soon.

Jake Lancaster said...

Speaking of Sooners, that picture's about as old as the Gold Rush.

Geoff Peveto said...

It's true I am old as red dirt. What's this threat of heading to Austin with Brewer?

Jake Lancaster said...

Yeah bud. Austin for a few days and then Cozumel. Lock up the women and children. Probably not until after the first of the year though.