Friday, November 27, 2009

Oh Heavenly Dog

No this isn't a post about Chevy Chase and Benji teaming up for big laughs in a tail of murder, mystery and puppy love circa 1980. Although you know that little bitch Benji, and for sure Chevy on a bender, would dig some of the grub going on at this California joint.

On yet another grueling trip to Sacramento I made my usual stop at Capitol Dawg (chowing on a Deftones dawg, River Cats dawg and some sweet potato fries) but since I've already yapped about that action plenty I didn't think I'd have anything worthy to post about from these travels.

Lo and behold Elk Grove, the only town I've been to in CA more boring than Sacramento, has a new dog getting place. Heavenly Dog is the spot and they have pretty tasty dogs.

I decided to pretend I was from Hollywood and modify everything I ordered like a jackass. I picked the Skippy Dog but for no good reason left the grilled onions off and onion rings on. They have a nice selection of relish and mustards and since the Skippy dog came with peanut butter I chose cranberry mustard. Topped with Jack cheese that shit was right on time.

I also made up my own dog which was basically the Chihuahua dog (nacho cheese, jalapeno relish) with tri tip chili and wrapped in bacon. Over at the relish bar I loaded that sucker up with sauerkraut relish (seemed like sauerkraut with green food colouring), jalapeno relish and dill relish. Plus a squirt of "bistro sauce" for good measure. That fucker was a super mess but tasty.

The only thing I did wrong was the order of which I chowed. I should have saved the Skippy dog for dessert.

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Casey Brewer said...

The combos at Heavenly Dog sound damn good.