Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Slaw Dogs

City of Angels part two yinz. Well Pasadena actually. I was out there for about a week and managed to eat a few dogs so here's what's happening over at The Slaw Dogs

Pretty new place but they are serving it up ok. They offer to "rippered" or char broil your dog and a lot of their customs look mighty fine. They will even cut up any sausage you want and throw it on one of their salads in case you want to eat healthy but still get your pork on.

I went for a build your own and their standard slaw dog. Looking back on the menu I may have screwed the pooch by passing up the TNT Super Dog, a 10" rippered dog, chili, cheese, bacon, pastrami, fries, & grilled onion, wrapped in giant tortilla with a fried egg upon request(!!!), but my picks were proper.

On the left a rippered dog with guacamole and jalapeno bacon. On the right "The Original" chili, cheese, mustard, onions, cole slaw both flanking a delicious PBR tall boy.

A well rounded meal buddies, veggies, bacon and brew. The way baby Jesus intended.

P.S. For Brewer:

I hit Wurstkuche and rustled up the Duck, Bacon & Jalapeño with sweet and hot peppers and a Rattlesnake, Rabbit & Jalapeño with kraut. Side of truffle oil fries and some Belgian suds to chase it all. Pretty good but those tools need to mix up their toppings.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Oki Dog

I just had four wisdom teeth pulled, I'm hopped up on vicodin, can only eat soup so obviously all this is making me hungry. What's the most logical distraction? I should write about hot dogs.

A couple weeks ago I was in LA and wanted to get to Oki Dog as this one had been on the list for a li'l bit. Not to be confused with Oki's Dog on Pico. This is the original one in Hollywood where 80's era punks used to hang out. Shawn Kerri (illustrator of many Circle Jerks and Germs images as well as one of the few female illustrators forCARtoons Magazine) drew this action:

Now if you were a person who pays attention to Yelp you'd probably stay the hell away from Oki Dog based on the reviews. Well buddies let me tell you those reviews were written by tasteless idiots and pussies. Yeah it's a little sketchy, maybe not 100% "family friendly" and possibly a little dirty but it was all delicious and didn't intimidate my ironclad constitution one bit.

There are a mess of things on the Oki Dog menu but I had a singular quest and that was for the "World Famous Oki Dog" Two franks, chili, cheese, and pastrami all wrapped up in a tortilla. Excelsior!

The dude working the joint even threw in an order of fries. If you find yourself in West Hollywood, nut up and go get an Oki Dog. This dag was so tasty I sent pics to buddies Brewer and Jake whilst partaking of this beaut.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Red Hot. Tacoma, Washington.

Tacoma. It's a dank little hovel, home to shipping yards, serial killers and Craigslist hookers. It's also the place to get the best damn dogs I've had in the Pac NW. My buddy and guest correspondent Robert "The Schneids" Schneider agrees. The Red Hot in Tacoma is for real, and worthy of a repeat visit.

The Red Hot has been on my to do list for a while, and it has recently received national pub from a show that I've never heard of called Chefs Vs. City on the Food Network. I don't watch that shit. I do however like to eat a good hot dog.

The menu at The Red Hot is fairly simple. There are 9 signature dogs, 3 sausage options, a couple of veggie selects, and one sandwich called the Pac Ave Italian Beef. There's also a few sides.

The Red Hot does not mess around when it comes to the quality of their beers. They boast one of the most extensive lists of IPA's I've ever seen. Just take a peep at their current tap selections:

Beer Valley Rosebud IPA
Hales Aftermath IIPA
Lazy Boy IPA
Stone Double Bastard
Ommegang Adoration
Silver City Clear Creek Pale
Boulevard Brewing Bully Porter
Leavenworth Friesan Pilsner
Two Beers Jive Espresso Stout
New Belgium Trippel
Old Tacoma Lager
CASK: Double Mountain Hop Lava IPA
NITRO: Oskar Blues Gordons Beer

Enough with the tour guide shit. Let's get to the eats. Here we have my first selections:

On the left is the Hilltop Strangler. An all beef dog with a slice of bacon, thousand island, onions, mustard, nacho cheese, & tomatoes.

On the right is the Destiny City Slaw Dog. An All beef dog with southern style coleslaw, house special all-meat chili. Onions and mustard to top off this beauty.

The Schneids came to The Red Hot bragging that I might need to wheel him out of the place on a stretcher. He wasn't far off the mark. Here's his first two picks:

On top is The Coney. An all beef dog with yellow mustard, chopped onions, and Red Hot's all meat chili. A simple, traditional masterpiece.

The second dog is the behemoth known as The Tide Flats. Two all beef dogs on an open faced bun, piled high with yellow mustard, onions, relish, tomatoes, sport peppers, jalapeno peppers, sauerkraut, all meat chili, coleslaw, nacho cheese, pickle spear, and celery salt. This monster comes with a fork and a knife. I saw beads of sweat forming on The Schneids' brow while he was pummeling this fucker.

For my next trick, I went for the 6th Ave Strut. An all beef dog with cream cheese, onions and tomatoes. They were calling this a traditional "Seattle Dog" but I prefer the street vendor version with grilled onions. Still a tasty dog for sure.

Nobody puts the hurt on a Coney dog quite like Schneids.

That's me with the Hilltop Strangler. It's an aptly named beast considering the effect it had on my arteries.

The Red Hot only serves all-beef natural casing hot dogs, served on poppyseed buns. The have that snap to them that I really love, and the girth of each dog is easy to manage. 3 of these bad boys is one too many, and I likely peeled at least a week off of my lifespan. That said, The Red Hot dogs are delicious and definitely worth the drive.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Best Dog In The Country?

Some Louie from the Wall Street Journal dropped that heavy duty claim on Boston Speed's back in ought eight. Pretty lofty heights to live up to if you ask me. Hell I'm not sure I'd want that bestowed on my own dag joint. That's like comparing your band to the Stones. Nonetheless when I was up that direction a few weeks back I made the trip to check it out myself. Holly Eats gave Speed's it's highest marks, it seems to win Best of Boston pretty often and I love some proper dags so what the hell.

After walkin' all over Boston looking at history and graveyards we hopped a cab over to Speed's. We had no idea it was a cart way out in the the middle of Bumfuck Egypt's industrial park. Thankfully our cabbie was cool enough to hang out why we grabbed the dogs to go. Otherwise it would have been a long trot back to the hotel.

The missus at the Speed Wagon. They sell XXXXXXL (that's 6!) size shirts if that gives you and ideer what's going down at this wagon.

How they do it on a beater of a propane grill.

Viola! The Speed Dog "loaded" and the Smoked Boston Meat with some tasty Utz Classics and a Sam Adams chaser. Loaded means Speed's mustard, relish, bbq sauce, special chili sauce and onions. All listed as "Speed's" brand on a 1/2 lb smoked dog.

It wasn't bad but it's not the best dog I ever chowed on. The smoked beef sammy was badass though. That's where it's at when ordering up at Boston Speed's.

While we were there we hit a few more culinary delights. Mostly we ate the Jesus outta lobster rolls all over Boston and Maine. They are served on hot dog buns so that counts right?

This beaut was taken down at Neptune Oyster Bar in Boston.

We had another great lobster chow at some bar the day we got into town and we hit a joint that chubby goof from Man Vs. Food said was real good but the best was had at Red's Eats in Wiscasset Maine.

While shopping at Rabelais, a super rad book store that only carries food related books, we got turned on to a 2009 James Beard award winning restaurant called Hugo's in Portland Maine. We got a sweet sausage book full of goofy shit from 1967 at Rabelais and an awesome house cured charcuterie plate at Hugo's that is easily the best I've ever had

I may or may not ever go back to Boston Speed's but I'll be back to Maine for those Lobster rolls. Them shits were super good!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hot Doggin' and Sausage stuffin' in So Dak.

A few longtime bros drove deep into South Dakota wilds to shoot birds and drink beer. Of course we found time to slay some world class sausages.

The bountiful harvest. This accounts for a bout 1/3rd of the natural casing sausages we devoured. That bottle of ketchup wasn't my idea, they put that shit on everything in South Dakota.

Al. Our hunting guide and longtime buddy of Jake, just getting weird with the meats. I've hung out with this dude a few times and he always seems to have food hanging from his face.

The Mayor making quick work of some pork barrel spending.

Jake "wingmaster" Lancaster. This trip was his idea. His best idea ever.

Thanks to Garrett and Al at the Medicine Breaks for an awesome weekend adventure. You can read more about the trip at Superbeast.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Portland Oregon and a Slo Gin Fizz

To make up for my lack of NYC dirty water dogs I hit a few buddy worthy spots while in PDX. Pine State Biscuits, Helser's and Otto's Sausage Kitchen.

Pine State had been on my got to get to list for a while. When I showed up and saw all the sweet biscuits, having the corn dog option just about fucked me up. In a moment of clarity I decided not to fight it and I ordered both. I was, after all, on vacation.

Andouille Corndogs!!!

And The Reggie. Fried chicken, bacon & cheese topped with gravy.

Next day we hit Helser's for some bloody mary's and breakfast. Sausage Breakfast? Choice of two? Don't mind if I do.

Chicken apple and Louisiana hot sausage, potato cakes and two eggs lookin at me. Dee-lish

Finally Otto's Sausage Kitchen. Case after case of encased meats. This place is glorious.

We picked up a nice Tuscan and a smoked andouille and had some friends over to buddy Pendy's house for some eats. Dressed the Andouille with a sweet potato apple hash and Gorgonzola. The Tuscan got Havarti and cranberry mustard. They all got stuffed in faces. Excelsior!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wurstkuche. Los Angeles.

I'm in the midst of a brutal month long production in Los Angeles (in case you wondering what has become of your beloved Superbeast). Today I finally got an afternoon to crawl from the editing suite bunker to see sunlight for the first time in weeks.

Looking for an exploring compadre, I called upon my long time buddy Tara "T-Funk" LaPlante to give me a tour of Amoeba records in Hollywood. For those that don't know, Tara is a bit of luminary in the techno music scene. She owns her own label called timefog and promotes artists and festivals all over the country. Who better to host a trip to a world famous record store?

After cleaning out Amoeba of all of their face melting riffage, and barely denting the soul and funk sections (I'm going back), we headed off to get a bite to eat. Tara surprised me with a suggestion of gourmet sausages. Hell, we've been pals since the early 90's, so she knows what I like.

Introducing Wurstkuche (pronounced wurst-ku-sha), an exotic sausage grill and imported beer haunt in the heart of the downtown Los Angeles historic arts district.

The place had a line going out the front door which is always a good sign. A hostess got our beer orders in while we perused the amazing menu. I started with a Kwak, and T ordered a La Chouffe Golden Ale. The Belgian and German bier selection is so deep and rich that you almost forget why you came to Wurstkuche in the first place.

Just kidding. I had my eye on the mind-numbing encased meats from the get.

Set your peepers on creeper and take a gander at these grade-A face stuffers. BEHOLD!!!

Here's our order:

Smoked turkey, Santa Fe jack cheese, Jalapeno stuffed sausage with carmelized onions and sweet peppers.
Duck, bacon and jalapeno stuffed sausage with spicy peppers.

The Austin Blues, a hot and spicy, tri-pepper & hardwood smoked pork sausage with saurkraut.

T-Funk may look pint sized...but she walks with giants.

I'm still tasting the spicy german mustard in my old growth beard. Delicious.

The dissection delivered with surgical precision. Thanks Dr. T-Funk.

For my domesticated brethren out there, put this place on your "Honey-do" list if you have to.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Travelin' Dog

Buddies, yours truly has been on the road a bit this year and neglecting this poor bloggity blog. However some decent burgs were visited and some that would fall in the lamestain category. Thankfully the lamers were more pass though vs actual destination. I managed to count San Francisco, NYC, Portland OR, Portland, ME (lobster rolls!!!), Boston and Seattle on my okee dokee list. I even met up with our own Buddy Brewer in Jet City. Superbeast was the consummate gentleman, we knocked back a few cold beers and went to the book get together for Rock Paper Show ( a little ditty I worked on that came out this year.) Here's where my tale of travel and dogs could have been awesome but sadly this is where you learn I fully suck.

Instead of the amazing possibility of being included in one of the Mike's Chili Parlor posts with Brewer I fucked up and couldn't make it. We did chug a couple coldies at Shorty's but the timing was not there either to partake of their Vienna's. No idea what we were thinking missing the chance to break dogs over suds...twice

The sad fact is I was in New York and didn't have a hot dog period (I did get properly intimidated at Shopsin's but that's another blog entry somewheres.) At least whilst in SF a return trip to Rosamunde was made to their newish second location. I didn't take a pic since I did a revisit to the Duck and Fig standard they have. It was still swell but not worth it's own separate blogo entry.

To hopefully make up for the suck I will now work on actual dog stories from coast to coast in their own respective posts.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Uncle Franky's.

After a night of arm wrestling ice cold beers into submission, buddy Jake and I decided to don our lab coats and make a lunch hour rendezvous to Uncle Franky's in Northeast Minneapolis. It was my first visit back in nearly a year, so I figured we'd better do something special for lunch.

Uncle Franky's is probably the most well known brick and mortar hot dog establishment in the Twin Cities. To make this real newsworthy, I had never been to this joint before. Totally odd and out of character for me, I know.

I picked Jake up in my sweet Grand Marquis rental car, turned up the KQRS and and tuned my gut for maximum expansion. Godspeed!

Here's our bountiful harvest:
Four dogs.
Two orders of Cheese Fries.
One Diet Coke to make this meal extra-ironic.

Here's Jake's Chicago Dog and Coney Island Chili Dog. Hearty eats indeed.

I rolled with the Wall Street (grilled kraut, mustard and onions) and a Chicago. I got dissed on the sport peppers, but buddy Jake was kind enough to give me one of his own. That's what buddies are for buddies.

Probably one of the best bitin' pics we've done here at the blog. Jake is a fucking professional after all.

I put the smack down on that dog so hard the snap of the skin was heard miles down the old Mississippi.

As you can see from the portly gentleman sitting behind me, Uncle Franky's doesn't play to the waif hipster chick looking for hangover food. Nope, the standard patron here is the hard working, morbidly obese dude that's trying to sell one more Chrysler fuckin' Lebaron before the new year so he can buy his fat kids a new XBox.

In other words, there's good hot dogs and some decent people watching to boot.

*Take Note: The only way to break Jake off his cross-training, salad eating regimen is to get him so blind drunk the night before that he sleeps on his living room floor amidst a shredded Pretty Things album that his dog Harmon had his way with. That's how you make a Buddies & Hotdogs adventure come to fruition.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mike, Mike and Mike's Chili.

Buddies Mike "The Mayor" Haeg and Mike Rook came to conquer a mountain with me here in Seattle. On their first night in town I brought them to Mike's Chili, the world famous joint that serves a mean chili dog. The Mayor gave the entire Mike's Chili softball team keys to the city of Mt. Holly. This secured a fast friendship with Mike, the owner of the place. Buddies for life!

Mike's famous chili dog. Swimming in a pool of his beef chili, with shredded cheddar cheese and diced jalapenos. Sweet mercy!

There's Mayor Mike himself contemplating his next BM after destroying a Mike's chili dog. A major flaw in my judgement was bringing these guys to Mike's Chili on their first night in town. The shitter at my apartment has seen some horrible, horrible things.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Portland: A Buddies and Hot Dogs Adventure.

My good buddy Mike "The Mayor" Haeg brought his lovely wife Tammy "The First Lady" to Portland for a little mini-vacation this past weekend. Seattle is about 3 hours north of Portland with no traffic, so I planned to interrupt their romantic weekend with beer drinking, story telling and a little hot dog eatin'.

It just so happened that I was super hungover from imbibing in Seattle's finest IPAs the night before. Like puke out the window going 75 MPH hungover. I pulled through like a trooper, slept in a rest stop and made it to Portland by 7 pm. Just in time.

Like Seattle, Portland has a huge contingent of street vendor carts. In one part of town they have half a city block closed off to contain these denizens of deliciousness. Keep in mind, most of these carts are selling some hippie gastronomy far too wholesome for my booze soaking-up tastes, so I had to be extra selective.

I've picked up a habit for speed reading menus to find exactly what I'm looking for in these circumstances. I happened across an "All-beef Bacon Dog" in about 2.9 seconds. SOLD!

Behold! A beast the size of a baby arm.

Succulently split down the middle, resting on two slices of thick cut bacon, german spicy mustard, and grilled onions, this hot dog sent from the heavens was Grade A Superbeast certified.

Thanks to Bubba Bernie's food cart. They make a mean dog.

I'm a brooding, crabby-assed crank for most of the time, but a good lookin' dog will get me deadeye serious about face stuffin'. Down the hatch!

The lovely couple were gracious hosts. I crashed on their hotel couch and drank their last Obsidian Stout before falling fast asleep. We woke up early on sunday for breakfast and record shopping. Mike nabbed a copy of the Flower Travellin' Band. So jealous. Thanks buddies!

*I don't know what the fuck Mancaster is doing, but he has a blistering edition of Mexico dog eatin' photos ready to be indulged by the masses. What gives Jake?