Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Clean Bobby and the Wienermobile

Buddies some serious dog melding went down at Frank yesterday. It was like some fucking Close Encounters type coming home stuff. Not unlike a wiener magnet was inside the building.The Eagle has landed and all that action.

Behold the most iconic hot dog shaped driving apparatus docked right up to our humble establishment. The oldest and newest dynamos in the sausage world meet as if eHarmony set this shit up.

And if that wasn't enough the fine folks at Oscar Meyer came round the next day and buddy Clean Bobby got to show off his latest Hot Dog ink whilst piping a tune on his teeny weeny whistle gift. Just like his ink says, ladies, "HOT"


Jake Lancaster said...

Awesome dudes, awesome.

Casey Brewer said...

Were they trying to establish turf?

Geoff said...

They just knew where to come for the best dogs!

gourmetnista said...

Stumbled on your blog while trying to research some good eats in Austin. Kudos.

I hope to stop by Frank and see what all the hype is about.

More importantly- can the food even compare to the legendary street meat of Toronto?

I hope so...