Saturday, March 27, 2010

Boudi-licious Indeed

Duders. I was born and raised in the south. My family came from Cajuns. My name should be spelled Peveteaux. Southern drawls and southern cooking. It's some of my favorite stuff. Imagine my dismay when Gene's Po' Boy's closed it's doors here in Austin a year ago. Gene had the best shrimp and oyster po' boys in town plus on Thursdays the smothered pork chop, sweet potato and collard green plate was untouchable.

Since Gene hightailed it back to New Orleans it's been slim pickings for legit Creole and Cajun grub. For example, a new joint opened called The Shuck Shack. Oysters, cold beers, sammies... I asked for some Trappey's (pickled sport peppers in vinegar) for my sammich. Not only did they not have it, they didn't know what I was talking about. Now I'd expect you Yankees to not know what Trappey's is but any self-respecting place claiming to be Cajun better have it by the case full. Shameful.

Forward to about a month ago and I stumbled across an article about the best sandwiches in Austin. One place listed was called Sambet's Cajun Deli and Fiery. It happened to be in a strip mall way up north for the LAST TEN YEARS. Nobody I knew had ever heard of it and a mess of my friends are coonasses from Louisiana and Mississippi who seek this stuff out. Needless to say I hauled ass up there to see what gives. It's a ratty hole in the wall. For real. All the walls, however, are lined almost floor to ceiling with hundreds of bottles of hot sauce, Trappey's included. In fact Trappey's is on the tables.

First few trips I always got the Lagniappe Lunch which was a muffuletta or a po' boy and etouffeé, gumbo or chowder. All of it super tasty.

Well crawfish are coming into season and they had something new on the menu. But before I get too much further into this action you dudes know what boudin is? There are quite a few types but the boudin that is common to the south is a rice and pork based sausage that doesn't exactly act like a sausage. Traditionally it’s the parts that you don't use in other cooking mixed in with rice and spice and cased. It's fucking good. You can read about it a whole lot here and here and I recommend you do.

Back to the grub. Right now on the Sambet's menu is the Boudi-licious. It's a giant po'boy baguette stuffed with a shit ton of boudin and melted cheese, smothered in etouffeé and topped with fried crawfish. Holy balls this thing is awesome. I could only eat half of it but you betcher ass I took it home and had some delicious dinner.

Behold the Boudi:

Chased with about three mason jars of sweet tea I was in cajun heaven.