Monday, May 17, 2010

Portland: A Buddies and Hot Dogs Adventure.

My good buddy Mike "The Mayor" Haeg brought his lovely wife Tammy "The First Lady" to Portland for a little mini-vacation this past weekend. Seattle is about 3 hours north of Portland with no traffic, so I planned to interrupt their romantic weekend with beer drinking, story telling and a little hot dog eatin'.

It just so happened that I was super hungover from imbibing in Seattle's finest IPAs the night before. Like puke out the window going 75 MPH hungover. I pulled through like a trooper, slept in a rest stop and made it to Portland by 7 pm. Just in time.

Like Seattle, Portland has a huge contingent of street vendor carts. In one part of town they have half a city block closed off to contain these denizens of deliciousness. Keep in mind, most of these carts are selling some hippie gastronomy far too wholesome for my booze soaking-up tastes, so I had to be extra selective.

I've picked up a habit for speed reading menus to find exactly what I'm looking for in these circumstances. I happened across an "All-beef Bacon Dog" in about 2.9 seconds. SOLD!

Behold! A beast the size of a baby arm.

Succulently split down the middle, resting on two slices of thick cut bacon, german spicy mustard, and grilled onions, this hot dog sent from the heavens was Grade A Superbeast certified.

Thanks to Bubba Bernie's food cart. They make a mean dog.

I'm a brooding, crabby-assed crank for most of the time, but a good lookin' dog will get me deadeye serious about face stuffin'. Down the hatch!

The lovely couple were gracious hosts. I crashed on their hotel couch and drank their last Obsidian Stout before falling fast asleep. We woke up early on sunday for breakfast and record shopping. Mike nabbed a copy of the Flower Travellin' Band. So jealous. Thanks buddies!

*I don't know what the fuck Mancaster is doing, but he has a blistering edition of Mexico dog eatin' photos ready to be indulged by the masses. What gives Jake?