Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mike, Mike and Mike's Chili.

Buddies Mike "The Mayor" Haeg and Mike Rook came to conquer a mountain with me here in Seattle. On their first night in town I brought them to Mike's Chili, the world famous joint that serves a mean chili dog. The Mayor gave the entire Mike's Chili softball team keys to the city of Mt. Holly. This secured a fast friendship with Mike, the owner of the place. Buddies for life!

Mike's famous chili dog. Swimming in a pool of his beef chili, with shredded cheddar cheese and diced jalapenos. Sweet mercy!

There's Mayor Mike himself contemplating his next BM after destroying a Mike's chili dog. A major flaw in my judgement was bringing these guys to Mike's Chili on their first night in town. The shitter at my apartment has seen some horrible, horrible things.


Geoff said...

That's a lot of effin Mike's. I have a few posts to get caught up on postin. Buddy Marathon on the way.

Kurt said...

I farted just looking at that picture of Mike's chili dog.