Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Portland Oregon and a Slo Gin Fizz

To make up for my lack of NYC dirty water dogs I hit a few buddy worthy spots while in PDX. Pine State Biscuits, Helser's and Otto's Sausage Kitchen.

Pine State had been on my got to get to list for a while. When I showed up and saw all the sweet biscuits, having the corn dog option just about fucked me up. In a moment of clarity I decided not to fight it and I ordered both. I was, after all, on vacation.

Andouille Corndogs!!!

And The Reggie. Fried chicken, bacon & cheese topped with gravy.

Next day we hit Helser's for some bloody mary's and breakfast. Sausage Breakfast? Choice of two? Don't mind if I do.

Chicken apple and Louisiana hot sausage, potato cakes and two eggs lookin at me. Dee-lish

Finally Otto's Sausage Kitchen. Case after case of encased meats. This place is glorious.

We picked up a nice Tuscan and a smoked andouille and had some friends over to buddy Pendy's house for some eats. Dressed the Andouille with a sweet potato apple hash and Gorgonzola. The Tuscan got Havarti and cranberry mustard. They all got stuffed in faces. Excelsior!


Casey Brewer said...

Portland is a such a cool city. It doesn't surprise me that they have a bounty of delicious eats there.

Jamie Ward said...

What the hell? When were you in Portland?
The Reggie looks ridiculous. I'd tear that thing up. Twice. Sounds better than The Horseshoe over at Hyde Park.

Geoff said...

Was up there in May I think. Doin that book tour. You were chillin' back in ATX. You need to mosey down to Seattle and PDX and pick up Brewer on the way.