Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Travelin' Dog

Buddies, yours truly has been on the road a bit this year and neglecting this poor bloggity blog. However some decent burgs were visited and some that would fall in the lamestain category. Thankfully the lamers were more pass though vs actual destination. I managed to count San Francisco, NYC, Portland OR, Portland, ME (lobster rolls!!!), Boston and Seattle on my okee dokee list. I even met up with our own Buddy Brewer in Jet City. Superbeast was the consummate gentleman, we knocked back a few cold beers and went to the book get together for Rock Paper Show ( a little ditty I worked on that came out this year.) Here's where my tale of travel and dogs could have been awesome but sadly this is where you learn I fully suck.

Instead of the amazing possibility of being included in one of the Mike's Chili Parlor posts with Brewer I fucked up and couldn't make it. We did chug a couple coldies at Shorty's but the timing was not there either to partake of their Vienna's. No idea what we were thinking missing the chance to break dogs over suds...twice

The sad fact is I was in New York and didn't have a hot dog period (I did get properly intimidated at Shopsin's but that's another blog entry somewheres.) At least whilst in SF a return trip to Rosamunde was made to their newish second location. I didn't take a pic since I did a revisit to the Duck and Fig standard they have. It was still swell but not worth it's own separate blogo entry.

To hopefully make up for the suck I will now work on actual dog stories from coast to coast in their own respective posts.


Casey Brewer said...

Duder, no hard feelings about the lack of dog diddlin' while you were in the Pac NW. We'll rape and pillage another day.

Shopsins is a place that has been on my radar for a few years. Gotta check that joint out with my own peepers.

Geoff said...

Study the menu before you go in, for real. There's literally hundreds of items on it and it's impossible to make the right choice on the fly with them giving you the stink eye. Rent the documentary I Like Killing Files and you'll see what I mean.

Casey Brewer said...

Yep, one of my favorite docs. Love it.

Jake Lancaster said...

Hey lovers.

Let's do this!

Brew, I need those pics from Mexico. Again.

Jake Lancaster said...
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