Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wurstkuche. Los Angeles.

I'm in the midst of a brutal month long production in Los Angeles (in case you wondering what has become of your beloved Superbeast). Today I finally got an afternoon to crawl from the editing suite bunker to see sunlight for the first time in weeks.

Looking for an exploring compadre, I called upon my long time buddy Tara "T-Funk" LaPlante to give me a tour of Amoeba records in Hollywood. For those that don't know, Tara is a bit of luminary in the techno music scene. She owns her own label called timefog and promotes artists and festivals all over the country. Who better to host a trip to a world famous record store?

After cleaning out Amoeba of all of their face melting riffage, and barely denting the soul and funk sections (I'm going back), we headed off to get a bite to eat. Tara surprised me with a suggestion of gourmet sausages. Hell, we've been pals since the early 90's, so she knows what I like.

Introducing Wurstkuche (pronounced wurst-ku-sha), an exotic sausage grill and imported beer haunt in the heart of the downtown Los Angeles historic arts district.

The place had a line going out the front door which is always a good sign. A hostess got our beer orders in while we perused the amazing menu. I started with a Kwak, and T ordered a La Chouffe Golden Ale. The Belgian and German bier selection is so deep and rich that you almost forget why you came to Wurstkuche in the first place.

Just kidding. I had my eye on the mind-numbing encased meats from the get.

Set your peepers on creeper and take a gander at these grade-A face stuffers. BEHOLD!!!

Here's our order:

Smoked turkey, Santa Fe jack cheese, Jalapeno stuffed sausage with carmelized onions and sweet peppers.
Duck, bacon and jalapeno stuffed sausage with spicy peppers.

The Austin Blues, a hot and spicy, tri-pepper & hardwood smoked pork sausage with saurkraut.

T-Funk may look pint sized...but she walks with giants.

I'm still tasting the spicy german mustard in my old growth beard. Delicious.

The dissection delivered with surgical precision. Thanks Dr. T-Funk.

For my domesticated brethren out there, put this place on your "Honey-do" list if you have to.


Geoff said...

Excellent work Brewer. I will be in LA in Nov and this is on the list.

Casey Brewer said...

Geoff, this place is must visit. Godspeed brother.