Friday, November 26, 2010

Best Dog In The Country?

Some Louie from the Wall Street Journal dropped that heavy duty claim on Boston Speed's back in ought eight. Pretty lofty heights to live up to if you ask me. Hell I'm not sure I'd want that bestowed on my own dag joint. That's like comparing your band to the Stones. Nonetheless when I was up that direction a few weeks back I made the trip to check it out myself. Holly Eats gave Speed's it's highest marks, it seems to win Best of Boston pretty often and I love some proper dags so what the hell.

After walkin' all over Boston looking at history and graveyards we hopped a cab over to Speed's. We had no idea it was a cart way out in the the middle of Bumfuck Egypt's industrial park. Thankfully our cabbie was cool enough to hang out why we grabbed the dogs to go. Otherwise it would have been a long trot back to the hotel.

The missus at the Speed Wagon. They sell XXXXXXL (that's 6!) size shirts if that gives you and ideer what's going down at this wagon.

How they do it on a beater of a propane grill.

Viola! The Speed Dog "loaded" and the Smoked Boston Meat with some tasty Utz Classics and a Sam Adams chaser. Loaded means Speed's mustard, relish, bbq sauce, special chili sauce and onions. All listed as "Speed's" brand on a 1/2 lb smoked dog.

It wasn't bad but it's not the best dog I ever chowed on. The smoked beef sammy was badass though. That's where it's at when ordering up at Boston Speed's.

While we were there we hit a few more culinary delights. Mostly we ate the Jesus outta lobster rolls all over Boston and Maine. They are served on hot dog buns so that counts right?

This beaut was taken down at Neptune Oyster Bar in Boston.

We had another great lobster chow at some bar the day we got into town and we hit a joint that chubby goof from Man Vs. Food said was real good but the best was had at Red's Eats in Wiscasset Maine.

While shopping at Rabelais, a super rad book store that only carries food related books, we got turned on to a 2009 James Beard award winning restaurant called Hugo's in Portland Maine. We got a sweet sausage book full of goofy shit from 1967 at Rabelais and an awesome house cured charcuterie plate at Hugo's that is easily the best I've ever had

I may or may not ever go back to Boston Speed's but I'll be back to Maine for those Lobster rolls. Them shits were super good!


Casey Brewer said...

I'll go to speed's just to make eyes with that gal working the counter. ooooh weee!

what in the h? said...

There are many things I miss about Detroit. Besides my buddies the one thing I miss is a good old-fashioned Coney Island. When I heard that Red Hot’s in the beautiful port city of Tacoma had them on their menu I knew I had to go. However I couldn’t experience an afternoon of hot dog gluttony alone, so I called Brewer and off we went.

Once we got there I ordered a delicious punk IPA, a Coney and a possible coronary inducing dog known as The Tide Flats.

The Coney kind of reminded me of the dogs I could get back in the Motor City but only with better meat and chili. It was an amazing warm-up to the main event, the Tide Flats.

That dog was a monster. Two all beef dogs on an open faced bun, piled high with yellow mustard, onions, relish, tomatoes, sport peppers, jalapeno peppers, sauerkraut, all meat chili, coleslaw, nacho cheese, pickle spear, and celery salt. It’s impossible to eat one with your hands. Thankfully they provided me with a plastic knife and fork to conquer this beast.

With sweat pouring down from my brow I thought there was no way I was going to finish the behemoth. Eventually I prevailed. To celebrate my victory I ordered and barely completed The Hilltop Strangler.

When it was all said and done Brewer and I were slightly fatter and a little bit lethargic. As we stood up we could hear our arteries hardening and I wondered if I was I going to ask to be dropped off at the emergency room.

That said I am definitely coming back to Red Hot’s, maybe tomorrow for lunch. How does that sound Brewer?