Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hot Doggin' and Sausage stuffin' in So Dak.

A few longtime bros drove deep into South Dakota wilds to shoot birds and drink beer. Of course we found time to slay some world class sausages.

The bountiful harvest. This accounts for a bout 1/3rd of the natural casing sausages we devoured. That bottle of ketchup wasn't my idea, they put that shit on everything in South Dakota.

Al. Our hunting guide and longtime buddy of Jake, just getting weird with the meats. I've hung out with this dude a few times and he always seems to have food hanging from his face.

The Mayor making quick work of some pork barrel spending.

Jake "wingmaster" Lancaster. This trip was his idea. His best idea ever.

Thanks to Garrett and Al at the Medicine Breaks for an awesome weekend adventure. You can read more about the trip at Superbeast.


Geoff said...

You jagoffs need to get a bright idea to visit Austin.

p.s. Nice Fatboys shirt Brew

Casey Brewer said...

Geoff, you know how I roll. Brrrrrr stickum'