Monday, December 6, 2010

Oki Dog

I just had four wisdom teeth pulled, I'm hopped up on vicodin, can only eat soup so obviously all this is making me hungry. What's the most logical distraction? I should write about hot dogs.

A couple weeks ago I was in LA and wanted to get to Oki Dog as this one had been on the list for a li'l bit. Not to be confused with Oki's Dog on Pico. This is the original one in Hollywood where 80's era punks used to hang out. Shawn Kerri (illustrator of many Circle Jerks and Germs images as well as one of the few female illustrators forCARtoons Magazine) drew this action:

Now if you were a person who pays attention to Yelp you'd probably stay the hell away from Oki Dog based on the reviews. Well buddies let me tell you those reviews were written by tasteless idiots and pussies. Yeah it's a little sketchy, maybe not 100% "family friendly" and possibly a little dirty but it was all delicious and didn't intimidate my ironclad constitution one bit.

There are a mess of things on the Oki Dog menu but I had a singular quest and that was for the "World Famous Oki Dog" Two franks, chili, cheese, and pastrami all wrapped up in a tortilla. Excelsior!

The dude working the joint even threw in an order of fries. If you find yourself in West Hollywood, nut up and go get an Oki Dog. This dag was so tasty I sent pics to buddies Brewer and Jake whilst partaking of this beaut.


Casey Brewer said...

I can't quite fathom how pastrami, chili and dogs taste whilst snuggled together in a tortilla, but goddamn I bet it's fucking delicious.

Jamie Ward said...

that's a picture perfect 'fuck you' to those wisdom teeth.

Geoff said...

I miss me some okie dog. But really I miss food that you don't have to drink.

Casey Brewer said...

That Oki Dog destroyed me.