Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Slaw Dogs

City of Angels part two yinz. Well Pasadena actually. I was out there for about a week and managed to eat a few dogs so here's what's happening over at The Slaw Dogs

Pretty new place but they are serving it up ok. They offer to "rippered" or char broil your dog and a lot of their customs look mighty fine. They will even cut up any sausage you want and throw it on one of their salads in case you want to eat healthy but still get your pork on.

I went for a build your own and their standard slaw dog. Looking back on the menu I may have screwed the pooch by passing up the TNT Super Dog, a 10" rippered dog, chili, cheese, bacon, pastrami, fries, & grilled onion, wrapped in giant tortilla with a fried egg upon request(!!!), but my picks were proper.

On the left a rippered dog with guacamole and jalapeno bacon. On the right "The Original" chili, cheese, mustard, onions, cole slaw both flanking a delicious PBR tall boy.

A well rounded meal buddies, veggies, bacon and brew. The way baby Jesus intended.

P.S. For Brewer:

I hit Wurstkuche and rustled up the Duck, Bacon & Jalapeño with sweet and hot peppers and a Rattlesnake, Rabbit & Jalapeño with kraut. Side of truffle oil fries and some Belgian suds to chase it all. Pretty good but those tools need to mix up their toppings.


Casey Brewer said...

I did appreciate the the simplicity of the Wurstkuche topping selection. Sometimes when ordering dogs I get overwhelmed by so many choices. I'm a simple man afterall. P.S. those slaw dogs look spectacular.

Geoff said...

They were some top notch sausages for sure. I've been spoiled by the creativity Hot Doug's and Frank I think.

Watching an episode of Iron Chef where pork fat is the ingredient. Fucking awesome.