Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hot Dog Showdown!

This is big news people. Serious Eats and Everyday with Rachael Ray combined forces to create the ultimate Hot Dog bracket. 64 hot dog joints from around the country are going to square off to find the true champion.

Now, I'm known to boycott just about everything Rachael Ray gets her chubby little mitts on, but this is about hot dogs people. Everybody knows that Superbeast holds hot dogs in high order.

We've got a lot of friends on this list. Most importantly:

Our favorite dudes from Frank in Austin Texas.
Hot Doug's in Chicago.
Monster Dogs and Po Dogs in Seattle.
And last but not least the venerable Wienery in Minneapolis.

My money is on a Frank/Hot Doug's showdown for the ages. Then the world will explode and all that will remain is that weird neon green relish. May the best dog win!

** Jake are you telling me that there is a new hot dog bus in Minneapolis that serves gourmet dogs and you haven't reported on it yet? WTF man!


Geoff said...

I gotta say I was pretty stoked to see Frank on this list. And to be the only spot in Texas. I mean this is a big fucking state. We could get dumped in the first round and it would still be cool. Also I got a new map to guide me on dog destroying adventures!

Casey Brewer said...

We're real proud of you dudes.

John Shanahan said...

That East Coast bracket looks downright scrappy! Super Duper and Rawley's duking it out for dominance in CT, Rutt's ready to maybe swing up and take the whole NJ/NY region... And then there's my boy, Boston Speed, who I think is going to give a good fight. (I'd like to think NY System will last, but my money says it doesn't hold up past that first bracket, if that.)

scott siefert said...

Hot Doug's will be tough to beat. Been there a few times on visits to the in-laws.
First time in, none other than Doug himself rang in our order.
Gotta love a joint that names menu items after mega babes like Keira Knightley & Salma Hayek.
Scrumptious, indeed.