Monday, March 7, 2011

Get Your Kicks On Route 66

Buddies I hit the road again and this time I ended up on a desolate section of Route 66 outside of Oklahoma City. Not much out there but this joint Pop's in Arcadia. It's a pretty big place and it's so flat out there that this building and 66 foot tall soda bottle jut right out of the landscape like a spaceship in the middle of nowhere.

If you are into soda this place will fluff your pillow. Hundreds of varieties from all over the world. Arranged by flavor in the coolers and by colour on the floor to ceiling shelves that line all the windows.

One of four walls this size

We stopped in to pick up some sodas but what the hey, they had dogs so we decided to partake.

I went with the Pop's “ripper” a 1/4 lb, deep fried all beef dog with kraut, jalapenos, and cheddar, on a poppy seed bun.

The missus went with the standard 1/4 lb chili dog. Paired mine up with an Avery's peach sody and a side of whole fried okra.

And since they had an assload of sodas we brought a mixed case home. Here's some of the haul

Wish this spot was around the corner from the pad.

While we were in OKC we hit the usual haunts of Coit's and Johnnie's. You've seen me write about them before but here's a little visual refresh:



Them's some good dags...


KJ said...

holy doodles. in old country we call sodas, "pop"

Casey Brewer said...

Nice haul Geoff. As soon as I digest the 2 lb tri-tip I grilled up last night, I'm off to do some more research.