Friday, March 11, 2011

International Report: "Hot Dogs" Cozumel, Mexico

I've always associated these things with Mexico: tacos, marijuana, beheadings, Cortez the killer, spring break nymphs, illegal immigrants, and one of the world's most depressing monetary units, the peso. While that's a mostly accurate picture, it's not quite a complete one. They have hot dogs, too! And they're pretty damn good.

This was a special hot dog adventure. Two of the founding buddies of buddies and hot dogs were able to take it together. We presented ourselves to the exotic island inhabitants as "The Radical Bros." Rick and Dale Radical--extreme adventurers to the max. We snorkeled, swam, boogie boarded, drove pink volkswagens, played Quiddler, ate, wore sandals, and drank with maximum gusto. All out, all the time. Even walking was executed with an agro edge. Fortunately no one was hurt. Except for some wicked sunburns. (Which eventually turned into savage tans anyway.)

On the eve of our hot dog cart dining, I came down with a particularly challenging case of gastrointestinal distress. The kind where you set up shop in the bathroom and hang up your favorite pictures and take your shirt off for a while. But I was not going to be defeated. Nothing gets in the way of me and bacon wrapped Mexican hot dogs.

The keepers of the cart were quite nice. They let us goof around, stand behind the cart, throw down a chicken dance or two. The dogs were surprisingly awesome. The buns were soft and crumbly and unnaturally yellow (not sure what causes that-food coloring?) The dogs, I imagine, were of the cheaper Bimbo brand variety, which can be just fine every once in a while. The bacon they wrapped around them had a nice char on it. The onions were diced to a fine wet fluff. The ketchup was sweet, fresh, and bold. KETCHUP, you say, dear reader. Yes, ketchup. The scarlet letter of condiments actually, somehow, was perfect. Now let us never speak of ketchup on dogs ever again.

Down and out in Mexico-land. Wish I was there right now. I've always felt quite comfortable sitting on curbs.

A big thanks to the lovely Cha Cha for her insider hot dog cart knowledge and all around awesomeness.


Geoff said...

Excelsior! Welcome back dear Jake. We missed ye.

Casey Brewer said...

Almost a year later...amazing.

Casey Brewer said...

It was actually Rick and Tony Radical. The Radical Brothers. Ultimate Vacation Dudes.

Kryss Maddock said...

Totally awesome. Rill nice job, Jake.