Monday, May 16, 2011

Dog in the Park. Seattle's Finest.

I've made the pilgrimage to mecca, and it happens to be smack-dab in the middle of downtown Seattle. Dog in the Park serves the best hot dog in Seattle proper. This my friends, I assure you.

The owner is this Greek dude. I can't remember his name for the life of me, but he was super friendly and talkative. It made the experience of standing in line so much more pleasant. He recognized me as a bona fide Tube Dude in seconds flat.

Dog in the Park is nestled downtown in Westlake Park. It's kind of a weird location. One part stand, one part brick and mortar store front. There's a couple of picnic tables to sit on, but most everybody was grabbing a dog to go while on their lunch break.

The menu consists of pretty standard fare. The magic comes with the preparation. Here are the options:

Kosher All-Beef.
Polish Sausage.
Louisiana Sausage.
Chicken spinach feta Sausage.
Chili cheese dog.
Turkey dog.

I went with the standard All-Beef. For only $3.25, that's a real lunch time bargain for Seattle. I had two and was more than stuffed.

World-class all-beef franks, split down the middle and grilled to perfection. Crispy, toasted buns. Grilled onions and cabbage provide just the right amount of crunch. Cabbage you say? Yep, and I ain't talking slaw. Big leafy pieces of cabbage grilled up on the flat iron. Delicious.

None other than The Schneids getting neck deep on Dog in the Park's famous All-Beef.

The flat iron. Simple and efficient. The perfect tool for a seasoned meat wrangler.

Round 2! The Schneids wouldn't get his meat hooks out of the way for this shot. He was holding on for dear life.

It's been a while since I've had my mug grace a post. I took this one myself because The Schneids' mitts were covered in mustard, onions and cabbage remnants.

Dog in the Park is in my opinion the best dog I've had in Seattle. They've managed to master simplicity, which I find some of the gourmet joints frequently skimp on. You can't beat the price and the great service either.

Just so he doesn't cry about it, I have to give props to my buddy Dru for this find.