Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Austin Dogs: Featuring Frank & Bestwurst.

My pal Josh meandered his smug ass down to Austin to ride motorbikes without a helmet, watch the Dallas Stars play, and get friendly with mutual buddy Ryan's couch. It sounds like it was a real freedom lovin' weekend filled with beers, bikes and bountiful meats. Here's what Josh had to say in his own words:

Sampled dogs at two Austin locations, one old and one new(ish).

First were the new guys: Frank Hot Dogs & Cold Beer. These guys make their own sausages on site, with tons of options and combinations. I tried one of their featured creations, The Notorious P.I.G. This sucker is House-made pork, bacon, jalapeno & sage sausage with macaroni & cheese, Texas BBQ sauce. Not traditional, but absurdly delicious. I felt terrible about myself afterwards, which is always a sign of hot dog success. I washed it down with a local brew on draught: the Hops & Grains Pale Dog. Maybe not very hopped by my NW standars, but an immensely drinkable beer. I'm sure a dozen of them or so go down quite smooth on a hot Texas day.

Next I sampled from Bestwurst, a veteran food cart that resides on 6th Street. I went for the headliner on their small menu: Bratwurst German style pork sausage, double ground with nutmeg and pepper. Their standard fixins are onions, kraut, curry ketchup, and spicy mustard. I ditch the ketchup on my dogs whenever possible (a Superbeast tradition). Amazing stuff here, everything a street dog should be. Quick, cheap, steaming hot, and better than most things you will ever put in your mouth. This is worth fighting through the crowds of college douches that gather on 6th every night.

I told Josh to give a shout to old Geoff and Northcutt at Frank. They weren't around. Probably touching dicks with some Hollywood mogul, 'bout ready to invest in their encased meat empire.