Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New York, New York

Holy Shit I am behind on the dog postin. I better get this one up since I've already been back to NYC since this trip.

This lil whirlwind trip took me to catch up with buddies Mike Treff and James Victore and to see buddy Craig Finn play some really amazing solo shows.

Of all my trips to NYC I have never made it to two staples, Crif Dogs and Gray's Papaya. Well, I suck and still haven't hit Gray's but I knocked ol' Criff of the list. Not too shabby. They had a bacon wrapped thing with an egg on top and my rule is always go with the egg on top. I doubled down with another bacon wrapped dohicky with avocado and sour cream and a delicious PBR.

I shoulda popped into the secret hidey hole bar next door but we had to get to Craigs show. Priorities...

I got to hang for a few days and see a couple Finn shows, listen to records and drink cold beers. Positive Life Choices all.

Hebrew Beer

Whores One of the best albums this year.


This guy

On my last day Buddies Treff and his gal Amy took me to Bark. A quality jam over in Park Slope. I kept it simple and went for the chili cheese dog and a brat. Super tasty. But the best was the disco fries. A nice send off to the aeroport for sure.

Disco Fries

Buddy Treff and his lovely squeeze Amy stuffin faces.

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